Dj Problem Child

Deep House Music

Problem child also go by the name of Ten 83 on the deep house music mix on saltyfm, he has produced among side the best deep house tunes and played along side the likes of Da Capo, Sculptured music, Black Coffee and many more . His performance is called the NO HEADPHONE CHALLENGE. 


  1. No name 
  2. No Name
  3. No name
  4. No name
  5. No Name
  6. No Name
  7. No Name
  8. No Name


Deep house music

Deep House



  1. Bedouin – Set the control for the heart of the sun
  2. Caiiro – Mama
  3. House victimz – Apes in the studio
  4. Buddynice – Happiness
  5. House victimz – 1000 Walls
  6. no name
  7. The Godfathers of deep house SA – The forth note
  8. House victimz – Dont touch my hennessy
  9. The Godfathers of deep house SA – Black cat
  10. House victimz – Finish him
  11. Keinemusik – Muye (Black coffee remix)
  12. House victimz – Jozi to Iraq
  13. SunEL Musician – Sonini
99MB |


  1. Brewed souls-Undenzeni Na(original vocal mix)
  2. Addvibe Tamba Benoit-Sada(NDinga Gaba Diplomacy soul Remix)
  3. R.Kelly-Put The Guns Down(Mike Dunn Blackball club)
  4. Rancido feat. Ifan-Fly Away(Leroy Styles Remix)
  5. Red D-Chez
  6. djWhisky-Boni Mores(club mix)
  7. Ian Kay-Level(Ten83 Main mix)
  8. Ed-ward Que Dafloor-Bano(Original mix)
  9. me-Avalon(KM037)